The A shelf





Auckland, New Zealand

Designed with simple geometric shapes in mind, the A shelf is made combining multifunction use and clean design.

Through the placement of the holes/holds in each bracket the A shelf also functions as a means to hang plants or objects, creating multiple possibilities of display and use.


Taking inspiration from the post and bearer brackets used in structural features of architecture, the A shelf is made with a steel bracket removing the need for screws or glue in assembly. This use of a bracket allows for recycling at the end of the shelf’s life and reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions as it is able to be flat packed. 

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Dimensions in mm: 




Materials: recycled Rimu or NZ beech and powder coated steel

Finishing: we use a VOC free durable interior oil, based on natural ingredients and renewable resources.

Our finish is matte but can be made semi gloss or glossy on request.

Made in Auckland, New Zealand
Design and fabrication: Mobilier Ethique