Make a chair workshop





Auckland, New Zealand

With the shared workshop The Warren in Auckland, Alex Guthrie and I organised a workshop open to everybody to design and make a chair in two days.

Inspired by 19 chairs, this is a project about exploring how beautiful objects can be made through reclaimed material, good design processes and material constraints.

Participants went through solid design development and left with a unique prototype chair. The design limitation was that we were working only with reclaimed pine (sourced from building sites) or reclaimed kwila, machined to 35x35mm.

This workshop ran over two sessions. The first session focused on designing a chair and planning the build. Participants were introduced to basic technical drawing, with a focus on elevations and 3D drawings.

During the second session, participants were making their chairs, working with tools such as a mitre saw, drill and sander and using screw fastenings, glue and clamps to easily create the chairs.

This ended up with beautiful and unique chairs created by the participants.