Our philosophy involves design and environmental consciousness.

We focus on every stage in the life-cycle of our furniture.

The wood

We use native reclaimed wood coming from timber-framed buildings.
As we explain in our blog post, we found that processing the recycled wood uses 13 times less energy than regular wood. For us, reclaimed wood is the most sustainable alternative compared to other sources of timber.

Other materials

We focus on mature recycled materials, like steel or brass, as they can be infinitely recycled. We are also always in research of innovative and sustainable materials.

We keep it local

New Zealand is a unique place where we manufacture our furniture.
By making it local, we choose to reduce carbon emissions and pollution happening during transport while promoting the national industry.

We handcraft our products

We make durable products all handmade in Auckland.

We care about indoor air quality

Regular consumables may release harmful substances. When identifying our glues, paints and finishes, we select products with zero to low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds);

We use a durable interior oil based on natural ingredients and renewable resources. The oil is solvent free, VOC free and free of harmful chemicals.

If you require more informations about the ingredients, don't hesitate to send us a message

For all our boards, we use a natural beeswax oil that nourish and protect the wood.


Transparency is important for us. For each of our furniture, we display the origin and the percentage of recycled materials used to manufacture it.