Platform sofa





Auckland, New Zealand

Purposefully sitting at odds to the typical mass of a usual couch, the Platform Sofa seeks to integrate itself into its environment.

Like a window living with the view it frames, the sofa’s lines allow space to flow between and through

its presence.

Designed cleverly, the Platform Sofa’s skeleton also acts as a shelf and side table. Thus eliminating the need for surplus pieces, the quiet and open nature of this furniture is forever preserved.

Thinking about the end of life and circularity, we decided to minimize the number of components and make them separable so that each material can be recycled or disposed. The cover is also removable for cleaning and repair.

Dimensions in mm: 

w950 x l1800 x h600


Materials: NZ silver beech

Finishing: we use a VOC free durable interior oil, based on natural ingredients and renewable resources.

Private commission

Handmade in Auckland, New Zealand
Design and fabrication: Mobilier Ethique