Handcrafted chopping board by Mobilier Ethique. 

Our unique solidwood cutting boards use a combination of three different reclaimed woods. The wood selected depends on our timber offcuts available at the time of the order. 
At Mobilier Ethique, we want to reduce our waste at the maximum. 

Every project brings wooden offcuts that are usually to small for reusing in furniture. 
Rather than ending in a landfill, we use then to make small items like chopping boards. 


All dimensions are customizable, send us a message if you need a specific size.


Please note that the wood used and the colors might be different from the picture.

By choosing this board, you choose a pattern, which we will reproduce with our timber offcuts available at the time of order.

Chopping board

  • Dimensions

    in mm L W H
    Small 300 250 25
    Medium 350 300 25
    Large 400 300 25
    XLarge 550 450 30

    We use a food-safe & organic beeswax oil to protect it and allow the board to be washed.

  • Pleane note, this product has a 2 to 3 weeks lead time. We will confirm the delivery date after your purchase.