Uno stool - prototype





Auckland, New Zealand

The Uno stool is designed with simplicity in mind.

Made with the minimal amount of elements needed, the stool presents as a single fluid piece. Designed to also minimise its environmental impact the piece has been made through a combination of CNC and handcrafting that creates minimal waste. 


Every element is sourced and manufactured in New Zealand

  • Silver NZ Beach

  • Cushion fabric is wool and stuffing is wool offcuts.

  • Wood oil is low VOC


All elements have been made to reduce their carbon footprint, including the ability of the stool to be delivered flat packed. All elements are also repairable. 

This stool is still under development and the final design may change.

Dimensions in mm: 

low stool: 450mm

bar stool: 650mm

leaner stool: 750mm

Seat is 320mm diameter

Materials: NZ beech and wool

Finishing: we use a VOC free durable interior oil, based on natural ingredients and renewable resources.

Made in Auckland, New Zealand
Design and fabrication: Mobilier Ethique