Wanaka collection





Auckland, New Zealand

Heavy looping forms and light proffered surfaces find a geometric quietude in the Wanaka Collection.

Inspired by the natural beauty in Tāhuna Queenstown, we have approached this sublime subject matter from a humble and conscious perspective. Thinking not of the postcard-ready landscape, but rather a moment of window contemplation; these elegant tables are products of symbiosis between origin and function.

Designed and handcrafted in Aotearoa, the tables with exposed bridle joints, are primarily made out of rescued native timber. Sourced from demolished houses, the strong form of the predominantly Rimu tables cast, work to claim this Wānaka panorama for a provenance with contemporary values. The brass supports nestled between the top and support speak to mid-century profiles but with a keen sense of twenty-first-century priorities. 

Asking its user to think differently, the Wanaka Collection proffers a contemporary harmony that could only come from function imbued with durational presence.

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Dimensions in mm: 

console: w400 x l1100 x h850

coffee small: w400 x l1000 x h350

coffee large: w800 x l1200 x h350

nesting: w400 x l660 x h635

Materials: recycled Rimu or NZ beech and brass

Finishing: we use a VOC free durable interior oil, based on natural ingredients and renewable resources.

Our finish is matte but can be made semi gloss or glossy on request.

Handmade in Auckland, New Zealand
Design and fabrication: Mobilier Ethique